Jessica’s Wish


Hopefully, ideally, each person at different points in their lives, at different ages, and through different circumstances becomes aware of the certainty and promise that life is good, life is a gift.

Life is not fair, life is not easy, but life is good.  There is such power and joy in the words “life is good”.

Our moment of awareness came through Jessica and the year and a half that she lived with cancer.  Jessica LIVED with cancer.  In that year and a half she became an inspiration, a leader, a teacher, a compelling speaker, a healer, a peacemaker, a clown, an athlete, a world traveller, a fundraiser, a dear friend, a little girl, a young woman of great influence, wisdom, and ability to effect change.  Jessica pulled us out of our complacency and challenged us to do better.  There is no doubt that Jessica changed lives, career paths, relationships, futures, and that she continues do so today, her spirit strong and always with us continues to inspire.

Jessica died on February 22, 2009.  She died at home, in her mother Christine’s arms, surrounded by the love of her family.  It is a testament to her strength that Jessica made a very deliberate choice to be at home, not to die, but to live fully every moment given to her with the people she loved.  Jessica made us realize the difference between being alive and being truly ALIVE! 

Jessica’s Wish Foundation honours Jessica’s life.  It is about family, love, hope, strength, and an awareness that life is good.

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